Q: What are your rates?

One-on-one tutoring for optimal efficiency and improvement: Either $55, or $50/hr depending on staff member’s level of education, degrees, & years of experience. Daron’s personal rate as Senior Tutor is $60/hr along with any other tutors with a Master’s Degree, or for SAT/ACT prep. *Note: As of 7/21/20 Daron is fully booked for the fall. Please inquire for staff availability by filling out the questions at the end below

Two-on-one tutoring: $42.50/hour/person…find a friend on your same level and get great bang for your buck! (Students must have same math teacher and similar math ability otherwise it’s not worth it; 1-on-1 would be the better option).

Settle for only the BEST!   You get what you pay for.   Remember: knowing math is completely different from teaching math and making it understandable, especially to those who struggle.  I cannot tell you how many clients I have had who have come to me after dissatisfaction with another (cheaper) tutor who was just too “confusing”.  Before you hire someone, do your due diligence and find out about the person’s degree, certifications, experience, and most importantly results.  Unlock your math potential today!

Q: Where are you located?

-I do not have a centralized brick-and-mortar location. We meet primarily at the Castro Valley Library; if it’s closed, we meet at Peet’s Coffee on Redwood Road near the Safeway Shopping Center or Starbucks at the Castro Valley Village.  For liability and efficiency reasons, we do not travel to student’s homes. Note: As of 3/2020, due to the pandemic, all sessions are being conducted online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Discord, etc. until further notice

Q: How does your program work?

-There truly is nothing better than one on one! No matter if your child is struggling or simply wants to get ahead, we are able to meet your child exactly where they are at and strengthen their base from there. Simply tell me what your goals are and I will attempt to find an appropriate match for you or your child! I can also recommend supplemental resources/curriculum as necessary.

-In addition to tutoring a full load, I manage a group of highly skilled and passionate tutors to help accommodate overflow clients (I am typically fully booked mid-August to June). Depending on who I have on staff, subjects available for tutoring may include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.   I coordinate all scheduling and collect all payments. Nothing is done through the tutor.

Q: Is there a long term commitment? 

In short, no. Clients agree to meet at their predetermined time/day per week on a monthly basis. Simply call/text/email to cancel at a minimum one week before the end of the month if you no longer desire to continue.

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

I have a strict 48  hour cancellation policy if needed to cancel for refund or reschedule as time is restricted capital on our business. The cancellation policy does not exempt sudden illness or emergency or any other reason. Thank you for your understanding in advance as my tutors and I have a limited number of hours to work per week. In addition we pay our own health insurance and have no paid time off, etc.  This protects our income from the whims of life that we can’t control.  By using my business, you are automatically agreeing to these policies.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?

I prefer to receive payments, in order of preference, via online bank transfer through Zelle using BayAreaTutorsInc@yahoo.com, Checks payable to Bay Area Tutors, Inc., Venmo @BayAreaTutorsInc, PayPal via Friends and Family using BayAreaTutorsInc@yahoo.com or Cash. NO CREDIT CARDS are accepted at this time. Please let me know your preferred method of payment.

Q: Do you offer any assessments? 

No, I feel they are unnecessary. They beauty of 1-on-1 is that my staff and I can quickly diagnose holes in your child’s math foundation. I often can get a sense and devise a plan of action after just a phone call or email.

Q: Do you provide curriculum? 

No, we are not like a one-size fits all shop like a Kumon or Sylvan that only offers their own curriculum. After consultation with myself (Daron), I will be able to make a recommendation for a curriculum we can use for your child’s specific needs.

Q: What do you use for Scheduling and Payments?

Clients will  need to sign up and register for a free account with TeachWorks (link will be emailed to you). All your appointments, invoices, notes, and more will be accessible there. As a policy, I will email you an invoice via TeachWorks about one week before your first appointment of the month. Monthly balances must be paid at the top of or before the first session of the month.

Q: Do you accept adult clients?

Of course! All the time

Q: Do you offer SAT/ACT prep? If so, what guides do you recommend?

Yes, but generally for MATH only as we specialize in math/science.  Same for ACT.  From time to time I may have an English tutor available to help with the Verbal/English section (just inquire).  I’ve used all 3 corporate guides from Kaplan, Princeton Review, College Board, but the best one I’ve found by far & the only one I recommend for my clients is down below. It’s completely straightforward and comprehensive.  Please click on the link below to let them know I sent you and to support my business. If you can’t view the links below, please turn OFF any Ad Blockers.

The guides I recommend for SAT Writing & SAT Verbal are below:

ACT Math guide:

Q: How do I book an appointment?

Please text me at 510-688-1752 or email me at daron_cam@yahoo.com with the following information to streamline booking:

-Your first and last name
-Your child’s first and last name
-Child’s school, grade level, and what math/science class they are in
-Goals for you/your child and other pertinent information such as current letter grade, past struggles/grades, learning style, etc.
-Your email (& child’s if they have one and want access to their schedule)
-Your mobile number
-Preferred day(s) and times (the more options you give me, the better)
-Your preferred method of payment: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal Friends and Family, or Check payable to Bay Area Tutors, Inc.
-How you heard of me

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