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Here’s one of my favorites from Ella J received June of 2018:

First of all, a few words about Daron Cam.  Daron was a highly rated Math teacher at Canyon Middle School.  As far as I can tell, he left his teaching post and started a successful tutoring business in Castro Valley.  Daron understands the CA middle school/high school Math curriculum and knows how to connect with his students.

When my daughter was on​ the verge of failing Algebra I and Geometry, I researched on Yelp and reached out to Daron for help. We were lucky to have two hours with him.  After our initial meeting, Daron recognized that my daughter needed a lot more help.  He cleared his calendar and gave my daughter an additional hour of tutoring. After the last tutoring session, Daron sent me a list of topics that my daughter needed to work on before her next academic year.

After only three hours of tutoring with Daron, my daughter got a B+ on her final. We owe our gratitude to Daron’s teaching, his thoughtfulness and caring for my daughter.  Daron truly IS THE BEST MATH TUTOR.  Unfortunately, Daron needs a break in the summer, and we have to use another tutoring service.  After firing three other tutors, we finally find one that works well with my daughter.  When I ask my daughter how her current tutor compared to Daron, in her own words, “Nobody can be better than Daron!”

Text I received from a recent high school graduate

I think the best decision we made this school year for Andrew was to get him some help and find him a tutor. We have always known that he had the potential to be a great student and with the help of Daron Cam he is exceeding our expectations. Straight A’s for the 2nd Quarter in a row and nothing but compliments from his teachers.  We’ve gone thru private tutors, Sylvan, including parental homework support (lasting late into the night and sometimes bringing us to tears…sorry Jensen Ranch, but I don’t miss your homework and endless projects…LOL!). Nothing has given him the boost he needed to feel confident about his abilities. Not til you. You’ve helped him “turn the corner” and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks again for all you do for our son, and for us. Peace of mind is priceless. 🙂

-Eric & Charity D.

My son was fortunate to have Mr. Cam as his junior high pre-algebra teacher; up until this point, my son had neither liked math nor done well in it.  Mr. Cam’s clear expectations, explanations, encouragement, and sense of humor helped my son to get his first “A” in math.  When he started struggling in Geometry in high school, we hired him to work his magic and were not disappointed as his grade quickly rebounded after a few weekly sessions.  I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Cam.

– Emily H.

Because I was never any good at math, I was hesitant to take an algebra class in college, but I needed it to help complete my degree; I am in the Coast Guard and needed to complete an Algebra course in order to move higher up in my ranks.  I worked with Daron for 8 weeks and he showed me many tips and tricks when it came to figuring the class out. After all of his help I not only earned an A in the class but understand and retained what I learned.

-Tom J.

My son Spencer had been struggling in 7th grade math, pulling D’s and, if lucky, a C here and there.  He was lucky to have Mr. Cam as his 8th grade Algebra I teacher.  His energy, sense of humor, passion, organization, and attention to detail helped my son blossom into one of the top students in his class, earning him a Certificate of Achievement in math at the end of the school year.  Mr. Cam was more than just a teacher to my son, but someone he could talk easily with and look up to.  When my son started struggling in Geometry again, we hired him and immediately saw his grades improve.  Thanks Mr. Cam!

– Maria G.

My daughter had been struggling with her Algebra I class as a freshman throughout the year.  After hiring Daron to work with her around the end of the third quarter, her chapter test grade went from a 27% in the previous chapter to an 83% on her following chapter.  She followed that up with a 70% on her final chapter test and is quickly increasing in confidence.  I only wish that I had found Daron sooner!

-Audrey A.

MR. CAM!  I’m so thankful I still have my Algebra I lecture notes!  We’re reviewing a little basic algebra and we’re on foiling (factoring) Ax^2+By+C=0 when A is greater than or equal to 2.  And basically, my current teacher’s method is to “guess & check” and even my last year’s Stanford graduate math teacher’s method was to “guess & check”.  omg I’m so glad you taught us the box method ’cause now I’m on that cheetah-speed grind!  Haha you’re a life-saver even when you’re not our teacher anymore!  Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

-Esther K. (former 8th grade student currently a Sophomore taking Algebra II)

We are so relieved!  Our son was a Sophmore at CV High this year and he was struggling with Geometry,  just about failing.  But we contacted Daron and things totally changed for the better.  Our son had such a great experience and he earned a B on his math final!    We will definitely contact Daron again if we run into trouble!  Thanks so much Daron, you are so awesome!

-Tracy M.

Text received on 2/12/22